New Photo GALLERY Added for Cancun

africa1Photos have been uploaded to show our week long getaway to Cancun MX. We wanted to get away someplace to just sit on our buts. We selected the Iberostar Resorts mainly because they had a dive shop on site. The resort was massive and our room seened far from the beach but was close to most of the food. The Steakhouse was awesome. We were able to combine sunning ourselves with diving. Both Jen and I came home relaxed and tanned. We only wish it was colder at home while we were away.

New Photo GALLERY Added for Roatan

africa1Photos have been uploaded to show our 8 day Dive trip to Roatan, a small island off the coast of Honduras. Our resort is located out on a quay and our room was built on piers over the water. We were warned to bring bug repellant, but that was an understatement. We were both eaten up pretty good by the bugs. Our "shark-less" shark dive was kind of a let down. One shark showed up, but never really came close to us. It was the second time in seven years the shark's didn't show up, lucky us. The diving was easy with good visibility, no current and lots of fish to see.

New Photo GALLERY Added for Africa

africa1Photos have been uploaded to show our 8 day Safari in Northern Tanzania. The trip started out of Arusha with Basecamp Tours. Our first day was in Tarangire Park and we stayed in a "luxury" tent. Day two had us doing a village tour, where Jen got cooked by the sun. They rest of the day was spent in Lake Manyara Park. The better portion of the next three days we spent bouncing around the Serengeti. Our last game drive day was busy looking for Rhinos in Ngorogoro Crater. The trip was amazing, and we owe it all to our driver Thomas.

New Photo GALLERY Added for Zanzibar

africa2When the safari was over we flew out of Arusha to Zanzibar. It is a off the east coast on Tanzania and is known as a "spice" island. The weather was much hotter and more humid than inland. It was a good way to wind down the Africa portion of the trip. The diving was "ok" not great. The current was a little to strong to enjoy your dive by looking around and taking pictures.

New Photo GALLERY Added for Our Kids

africa3Our collection of animals has grown for one cat when we lived downtown to five. There are 2 cats and three dogs. The cats are content to eat sleep and poop but can be counted on for companionship when they feel like it. All the dogs have competed or are in training for agility. Most of this section is under construction but stay tuned.